Are you wearing multiple hats and want to spend less time on day to day marketing responsibilities? Have you started a new business and need to offload some marketing tasks you just don’t have time for?  Examples of support I offer:
Digital Ad Creation and Content Scheduling

Weekly/Monthly Website Updating

Production/Fulfillment of Printed Design Materials

Trade Show Graphics Design, Assistance and Fulfillment

Advertising/Production Calendar Assistance

eNewsletter Design and Fulfillment

Direction/Guidance of Current Marketing Materials

Media Library Organization

Data Entry/Staff Supportive Related Tasks

Collaboration on Marketing Projects/Planning

Client/Vendor Communication and Relationship Building
Marketing support needs are unique to each business. Please email or call 440-313-8333 to see how I could assist you personally.

John's Country Nursery Website Design Assist/Updating

Thrive and Awaken Website Design Assist/Updating

1-Tom-Plumber Social Media and Various Advertising

1-Tom-Plumber Hiring Video - Created in Premiere Pro

Plumbers Ink Website Design/Updating

Plumbers Ink Social Media Ad Layout/Scheduling

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